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Talent Accelerator Platform 

A virtual career office; bringing professional development straight to you where you need it and when you need it.
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What's included?

Virtual Job Search Prep Course for Finding Professional Success

What TAP Covers

The MentorWorks Talent Accelerator Platform (TAP), is a comprehensive six (6) lesson career-enhancement framework specifically built with job-seekers of all levels in mind. We provide definitive guidance in professional skill building and key insights into employment factors that make for successful job searches.

Learn how you learn best

Enhance the outcome efforts of our candidates by providing professional & soft skills in an interactive and self-paced learning style

Foundation in mentorship

We offer three-way foundation of light-touch mentoring blended in (peer-to-peer mentoring, career development mentoring and employer mentoring) to our MentorWorks modules.

Boost Your Confidence

We give candidates confidence in their abilities and help them message their accomplishments and aspirations in a structured environment.

MentorWorks Difference

This overall approach is the MentorWorks Difference – we’re giving candidates the impact tools they need while building in a support structure that helps propel them forward in the job market.